We may be wrong


Scientists calculate that in about 3 billion years from now, the sun will stop burning, explode and then shrink. Lives on the Earth will be destroyed just several minutes before such a moment. However, we may be wrong about this. The burning speed of the Sun is not stable. We drew on the Sun’s burning speed in the previous century to calculate. Turning to the current century, due to changes in its weight or somehow, the Sun suddenly speeds up the burning rate which has generated much more radiant heat and stronger ultraviolet lights.

Light from the Sun reaches the Earth in a stronger manner and makes sunlight turn from yellow to white. White is the colour of the strongest energy. There has been an increase in the index of dangerous ultraviolet lights.

The most obvious evidence is the increase in overall temperature of the globe. Alaska, which is known as a freezing state of the U.S, has experienced the heat of 32 Celsius degree today. In Dubai, the temperature goes up to 63 Celsius degree and trees burn themselves.

If the burning intensity of the Sun sped up, the Earth would be destroyed immediately. There are two solutions to save the Earth. The first solution is to put aside everything else and focus on planting more forests as soon as possible. Those who are in thirst for power in the world ought to stop their malicious plans. All have to join hands to plant trees for rescuing the Earth.

The second solution is the task of science and technology. All nations must urgently produce reflective balloon clouds which cover regions on the sky to reflect sunlight back into space. Once the Earth is shielded from the amount of sunlight, the overall temperature will fall down immediately.

Of course, it is not simple to carry out this action although it is theoretically correct. However, no matter how difficult it is, we must do it to rescue the Earth. If we sit down and discuss for a while, various challenges in manufacturing giant sunlight reflective clouds to cover the Earth will be figured out. Nevertheless, humans are intelligent enough to overcome such challenges.


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