Trash and Love – The sixteenth story: How to calculate one’s sins and blessings

The mathematician turned off the computer to do qigong, worship Buddha, meditate, and then went to bed. In his dream, two officials came and said:
– King Yama invite you to the conference.
The mathematician followed the two officials. They flew over mountains and rivers and then arrived at a palace where many people were waiting. King Yama was the chairman.
When everyone was settled, King Yama stood up and said:
– Dear divinities, heavenly beings, and intellectuals. Now the human world is changing so fast. There are so many births and deaths, so it’s incredibly complicated to calculate one’s sins and blessings. I have been entrusted by King Indra to figure the sins and blessings of humankind for appropriate reward and punishment. But these days, even a massive amount of our judges cannot accomplish that they are in a quandary, indeed. So today I invite all of you to come here to advise me on how to calculate humans’ sins and blessings quickly and accurately.
Everyone tried to give his/her ideas but didn’t reach an agreement.
In the afternoon, King Yama said:
– Well, let’s ask the mathematician.
The mathematician stood up and said:
Dear King Yama, to identify humans’ blessings and sins accurately, we must use the latest supercomputers, but still unsure. However, we can estimate the result quickly by the amount of Garbage one has created throughout his life. Who creates less garbage is a good one, and who creates a lot is bad. The amount of garbage is specific and easily calculated. Based on the results, we will have an appropriate reward and punishment.
The assembly breathlessly kept silent. More than an hour later, people burst out clapping.
– Daddy, Daddy, wake up. You have been sleeping for ten days already.


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