Trash and Love – The eighteenth story: In the rain

Two people sat under a porch in the street to avoid the heavy rain.

The girl said:
– Since I joined your Hoi Yeu Rac (Trash-lovers Association) to pick up trash on the street, I’ve suddenly understood many things. Now I can enthusiastically do many things that I was afraid of before. I thought that I was a wealthy lady, so I didn’t have to get my hands dirty. But when I do it, I have a lot of fun.
The man smiled:
– I returned the wallet to your father and didn’t expect to have an excellent member of Hoi Yeu Rac.
– That day you made me curious about a good-looking and high educated guy being fond of Garbage. From now on, I will be more active in Hoi Yeu Rac to understand you more and more.
– Joining Hoi Yeu Rac is against the daily routine of people: we won’t easily thrown away garbage but must try to find a way to use it effectively. It’s not an easy thing.
– I know it will be tough but to know you, who, at this age, places the national honor above everything, I will try my best. From now on, I will spend some time every day gathering Garbage with you for a Garbage-free life. I will love Garbage because I love …
The girl hesitated to continue. The rain was falling slightly.
Looking into space, the man kindly said:
– My great wish is to remove all the Garbage in the world, and everyone is enlightened about Garbage. Only when do we have the same ideal, we really understand each other. It’s late now. I take you home. The street flooded.
– Don’t call a taxi. We’ll wade home in the rain, ok?
– Look, garbage trapped in the drains, exacerbating roads’ flooding whenever it rains.
The girl seemed thoughtful, and so did the man.


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