The wisdom to distinguish between good and evil – Chapter 5: Good and evil according to the new trend




Today, many notions from the West were moved to East Asia, so people in East Asian countries have changed their conception of good and evil. In recent times, people are praising individual liberty, and much appreciate human rights to have happiness, and they think that it is safe and preventing people from enjoying the pleasures of life is evil. But the West had to pay a high price for that notion. The concept that every man should live comfortably is very dangerous because it increases people’s selfishness and causes the society degeneration.

In France, students fired in schools, and in the U.S., young people killed others coldly, etc. When having been asked why they did so, they replied calmly that because they watched movies and found that it was easy to kill others. So, they didn’t think killing others was evil and also didn’t make others too miserable. That’s why they wanted to try shooting others. That answer has shaken the Western society. And people began to recognize that people have freedom of speech, freedom of culture, or they are allowed to do or say or propagate whatever they want is now not The Truth anymore.

In many European countries, there are many clubs, dance halls, to which people come for debauchery. The Easterners consider this kind of amusement depraved and despicable, but in the West, it is entertainment and freedom. Someday, they will recognize that they were wrong.

It’s regrettable that while the Westerns are searching for the values of East Asia, we would like to follow their values and their pleasures. They want to abandon what we think is civilized for mysterious things of East Asia.

Today, people believe less in gods. Things that were mysterious in ancient times are now explained by science, so people have less faith in gods.

There are two extremes about good and evil that related to gods. In ancient times, humans had the first extreme, that is, they thought gods were the causes of everything. Then, they had the second extreme, that is, they explained everything based on science and

technology. And today, there seems to be a supernatural world secretly dominates humans. Everyone has particular retribution for each of their actions.

The notion of good and evil also relies on profit. So, who earns much profit is favorable. People do not care if their profit made by exploiting others or destroying our environment. People have kept this notion for a long time, but now, they start to awaken.

They began to realize that, if an individual or a country is too rich, then there will be many other people or countries become poor. For example, if the US is too rich, then naturally Africa and Asia will become weak. Why? – Because the United States makes high-tech products and sell them at a high price, while Asian and African countries sell agricultural products at low prices. So, if they buy machines in the US, they will have to buy at a high price. That’s why they will become poorer and poorer, and the US will become richer and richer. Therefore, people recognize that when one is because of his profit, there will be many people who will be exploited, or he has to do deforestation, or let toxic waste out into the air, destroying the environment of this world. People must be aware of it. So, you see, the concept of right and wrong, sin and blessing vary depending on areas, but eventually, there will be things in common.


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