The wisdom to distinguish between good and evil – Chapter 11: A dream of becoming a Buddha



A dream of becoming a Buddha is genuine. We dream of all humans becoming Buddhas. And if necessary, we will become Buddhas after all people, so that we will bow to them. In Lotus Sutra has a gorgeous image of Never Despite Bodhisattva. After having become enlightened, Never Despite Bodhisattva understood that everyone had the ability to become a Buddha. So, He had respect for all humans, practicing a virtue of humility. He praised and encouraged everyone to practice the Dharma because they would achieve Buddhahood. He said to everyone He met, “I do not dare look down on you because you will become a Buddha someday.” He meant everybody should never lose their hope of becoming enlightened eventually, though sometimes we forget about it and at times we are stupid and make mistakes, but we all have the ability to achieve enlightenment. So, we all should strive to practice the Dharma. Never Despite Bodhisattva encouraged anyone He met, and He continued to raise their hope of achieving enlightenment. Many people never dare to dream or to think they will become Buddhas someday, so they continue living however they wish.

But there was such a Bodhisattva who came to this world to encourage people and give them hope. And because of the hope that we will become Buddhas someday, strive to live a virtuous life, restrain yourself in the precepts, eliminate your evil desires, overcome your mistakes, have compassion for all beings, and be wise! Why? – Because all of you have the ability to become a Buddha. It is a great virtue of Never Despite Bodhisattvas.

We are all able to become Buddhas! We should dream of that, and to keep our dream, let do as what Never Despite Bodhisattvas advised, that is, overcoming your mistakes, restraining your evil desires, having compassion for all beings and making an effort to practice the Dharma. All of us will become Buddhas! We should dream of that not only for us but everyone.

We hope that through the example of Never Despite Bodhisattva, the ultimate goodness about the desirability of Supreme Bodhi Mind has lit up in your heart. If you have this desirability, it is great, and if you can help others have this desirability, then it will be greater. In all our life, we should have this dream and instill it into others, so that, all of us will practice the Dharma together and make this world full or happiness and purity.

To control our mind, and clearly differentiate between good and evil, we must not ignore meditation. When we practice meditation, control our mind and keep our mind pure, then a bad thing, even a little one, appears, we will soon discover it and stop it. Therefore, the role of meditation is critical.

Meditation has three objectives. First, meditation is the result of a virtuous life. If we are always kind to people, then when we sit in meditation, our mind will be calm and happy. That is when we are enjoying happiness from what we have sown.

But meditation is the blessing from heaven. For example, a person who practices meditation, this life he is still there (not in heaven), but if in meditation, his mind is calm then he is enjoying the blessing from heaven. So, anyone has calm mind when in meditation, he should know that he has lived a good life and now he is enjoying the results. It is the first objective of meditation, i.e. experiencing from what we have sown in a previous life and the current life.

The second goal of meditation is instead of enjoying joys; we use our pure mind to control evil thoughts. So, those who want to become ethical have to meditate. If we meditate regularly, our mind will gradually be pure, and we will become moral. Thanks to that, we less commit errors, less have evil thoughts, less enjoy pleasures but will be virtuous and can detect evil thoughts right after they appear.

Westerners respect Easterners for their meditation with a calm and pure mind. Because when our mind is pure, we are sagacious and jubilant.

Westerners find joy in excitement. They think that excitement is joyful, and the extreme of excitement is drug and discos. In loud music, people are excited to dance wildly.

Or in football, everyone who watches a football match cries or laughs when being sad or happy when the ball is rolling. Their hearts are chasing the ball as if they are running on the football ground. The West thinks it is happiness, but the East believe it is a mistake and it is insecure.

So Westerners who have wisdom find that Easterners are thoughtful and profound because they seek happiness in peace and quiet. Peace and quiet are true happiness. It is morality and happiness. Nothing contains both morality and happiness except meditation. Almost other kinds of happiness cause us to be unethical. Those who regularly do charity work also have happiness and have morality grown.

The third goal of meditation is progressing to selflessness. Only through meditation, we can achieve selflessness, that is, we become Buddhas. Becoming Buddhas is the best deed ever and going to Avici hell is the worst act. That means we aim at compassion, selflessness and become Buddhas then it is the supreme goodness.


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