The wisdom to distinguish between good and evil – Chapter 10: The desirability of selflessness



When we still cannot clarify what is good and what is evil, if we have the desirability of selflessness, we are going in the right direction because all our mistakes were committed due to our selfishness or our egos. Because of our egos, we have greed, anger, hatred, jealousy and desire to enjoy pleasures. All these things are caused by our egos. When we can eliminate our egos, we will become the Absolute One, whose compassion spreads all over the universe without any limits. So, the desirability of selflessness is a great thing.

In all goodness, the desirability of Supreme Bodhi Mind is the best deed ever. What is the desirability of Supreme Bodhi Mind? It is the ancient term in Sutras; today, it can be understood that people who dare to dream of becoming a Buddha, or individuals who have the idea of becoming a Buddha. It is the best deed in all good things.

For example, a person who has a profound understanding of Buddhism, regularly worships the Buddha, diligently practice the Dharma, when asked “Do you dare to dream of becoming a Buddha?” will say ‘Yes’ immediately. Because he has a long time of cultivation, he will try his best to make his dream come true. He acknowledges that becoming a Buddha is not in this life, but many lives after. Thanks to the blessing he created through his cultivation, he dares to dream of becoming a Buddha, that is, having the desirability of Supreme Bodhi Mind. Doing this, he is greatly blessed. When he has this dream, he is like to have a little burning fire in his heart. Outside, he looks as ordinary as us, but inside, he has a noble ideal. We don’t know when his dream of becoming a Buddha comes true, but it will as long as he keeps his dream forever. It is the ultimate goodness.

The term “becoming a Buddha” does not mean sitting on the altar for people to worship. There was a novice who answered his Venerable when was asked, “Why do you practice Buddhism?”“I want to be like you, going anywhere to preach and that is joyful. I don’t want to become a Buddha because a Buddha will sit in a place and that is morose.” This novice understood that becoming a Buddha means to sit without stirring in a place for people to worship. That is somber, and he wanted to go many places to preach to be joyful.

Becoming a Buddha does not mean you are of highest-ranking people and others people will bow in front of you. In fact, it means you will have the absolute compassion that spreads to all beings, i.e. you will become the Perfectly Enlightened One, whose ignorance is completely eliminated. That implies you can show The Truth to all people and have abilities to convert them so that all of them will know the way of becoming Buddhas.

A true dream is never a dream for only you but others. Because if you are a Buddha, what will people around you do? – To become your disciples and bow to you? If yes, you do not have the desirability of Supreme Bodhi Mind. A real dream of becoming a Buddha is a dream of all beings becoming Buddhas.


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