The two future directions for human civilization – Chap 13


A human-shaped robot named Sophia was created in Arabs. Sophia intelligently answered all questions from humans.

When this robot hasn’t provided with the limbs, it could only answer questions from humans, but what if it has limbs, and even more, is equipped with artificial intelligence? It will make more robots for a large force, and then will take control of humans then kill the Earth. Fortunately, though robots are very intelligent, they don’t have the spiritual life.

In the past, there was a fairy tale about a male student who fell in love with a beautiful girl in a picture. Every day when he went home after school, he saw his meal was ready, but no one else was in his house. One day, he went home at an unusual time and found a girl coming out from the picture. She cleaned the house and cooked dinner for him. He rushed to stop the girl from running into the picture again. They then married. But later the wife said that she was a heavenly being and had to leave.

Today many people do not believe in that myth. But don’t rush to jump to conclusion. There are many spirits invisible to us desiring the life in this world, so they often “enter” a beautiful picture or statue.
When people finish making a statue, they often hold a ceremony to invite the god they’re going to worship to stay in that statue. The statue then becomes mysterious. And when people sincerely beg the statue something, the god in the statue listens and blesses them.

So, is it possible that ghosts become spirits of robots? If yes, what do ghosts do with the robots? Ghosts can become robots’ spirits but can’t do anything because their brains are incompatible and those of the ghosts are far less powerful than those of the robots. So robots never have the spiritual life, though they are brilliant.

And it’s lucky for humans since we have a chance to be superior to robots by improving our spirituality. And that the way we can control the progress of science and technology, become its master, and take advantage of it to benefit humanity.

Despite the appearance of artificial intelligence and the rapid progress of science and technology, humans can always be more superior if their morality reaches the seventh level, to have compassion for all being in the universe, and they will use artificial intelligence, modern technology to build this planet a happy land.

With the continuous advancement of science and technology combined with humans’ meditation and spirituality, someday, we can create spacecraft to travel in space. And we will come to wherever the beings are still ignorant and immoral to help them improve their morality and tell them first the law of Cause and Effect, the absolute respect for Buddha, the goal of selflessness. This is our great responsibility, beautiful ideal and dream. Let improve our ethics to the level of 7.0 to cope with the growth of science and technology which are extremely difficult to control.

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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