The role of human beings


In the beginning, simple plants appeared on the Earth. When they decayed, their wastes created nutrient elements for the appearance of more complex plants. Many species of semi-animal fungi also came to exist. Then species of animals from simple to complex structures eventually appeared. All forms of living that appeared on this planet have to rely on forests as the foundation of their lives.

Some species feed on grass, leaves, and some animals like rabbits and deer even eat soft plants to live. Then, there are some species that consume plant eating animals to reduce damages to Earth’s vegetation. Plants, plant eating animals, and species that feed on plant eating animals interact and interconnect to naturally remain the ecological balances.

However, these three kinds of species are not intelligent. They just live, eat, destroy and kill others for their own benefits. They do not understand that their role is to live and protect the ecological environments for the Earth. Fortunately, there came an intelligent species, i.e. HUMANS.

Humans appeared with the mission of keeping the ecological balances by regulating everything especially protecting forests and trees, the diversity of biology, preventing species from extinction, maintaining the biological interactions among species. Such a duty of humans is very noble, sacred, and essential.

However, it seems that we are wrong about this. Humans are completely destroying everything. And at the same time, humans are turning the Earth into a planet of plastic garbage.

Finally, it is time for the Sun to carry out its role. The sun burns itself stronger and produces more heat. The Earth’s temperature will rise much greater to eliminate any species that do not know to love and protect scared lives on this planet.

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