The Guidance on Meditation – Chap 7

the guidance on meditation chap 7


6. What should we do when you feel drowsy during the meditation session?

There are four causes of drowsiness:

– Lack of sleep
– Pressure from work
– Poor realization of the whole body
– Past karma

Therefore, we have to adjust our daily life activities for enough sleep. Also, we should practice Qi Gong,
If we don’t slack sleep but still feel drowsy during the meditation session, then it is due to your past karmic debts. We must repent of our sins/misdeeds to Buddha and when the mind is calm, be back to the process of realization of the whole body. These two jobs help us get out of drowsiness.

7. Why do we have to keep the eyes open in the first stage of meditation?

In the first stage of the practice, the mind can’t be calm (it keeps on thinking), while the practice of meditation requires mindfulness and no thought. We maintain the eyes open and look down at a point on the ground some feet in front of us for two reasons:

– First, to realize f our body tips to one side and so we can immediately adjust it.
– Second, we can be awake.

Keeping the eyes open and the mind calm is not an easy thing. However, we have no other choices but to be acquainted with it for a time and then we can close the eyes to be easier to concentrate.

8. Be cautions about illusions and superstition.

Although meditation gives practitioners supernatural, be careful, or else we will get lost in illusions and superstition

Illusion is images or sound appearing in mind, so if we think they are real, we will be taken to an imaginary world and will become abnormal.

Those illusions can be created by the inner mind or beings in the spiritual world. Of course, everything is controlled by Karma. Those illusions can disturb our minds because of our blessing. So, bear it in mind or else we will get lost in them due to our curiosity.

When the mind is calm in meditation, many beautiful things will appear in it, such as a great sense, odd creatures, our secret dreams, past mysterious things, spoken beautiful philosophies, tec. They are called illusions. To avoid being enticed by them, we should not pay much attention to spiritual powers but only care about morality and virtue.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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