The Guidance on Meditation – Chap 1



The supreme goal of Buddhist meditation is to reach the state of No-self (Pali: anatta), liberation and Nirvana. Through meditation, Buddha became Perfectly Enlightened One.

Meditation is a way of putting our minds in concentration, making them calm, mindful, and without delusions. Especially, meditation helps meditators destroy their self/egos and ignorance, attaining liberation and enlightenment.

This training material based on The Four Foundations of Mindfulness of Theravada Buddhism in which the state of No-self/Non-ego is the ultimate end.

Meditation/Zen instructors must strictly follow the order of this material to help new practitioners go straight on the right way, get good results, and without having an adverse effect.

Hope all Buddhists diligently practice meditation for pure and calm minds, increasing merits and together, we step on the way eventually become awakened.

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha.


For good results of practicing meditation, we should first prepare for the three fundamental foundations: virtue, merit, and qigong.

Virtue is our pure minds, infinite reverence for Buddha, love for all beings, and humility.

Merit is what we get when we brings happiness and morality to people.

Qigong helps keep our potential energy low in our bodies, helping our brains remain stable in meditation.

Before meditating, you should: spread out a mat larger than a seat. It can be a thin cushion, a sedge mat or something made of thick fabric, which will help us avoid moisture from the ground and feel more comfortable.

Don’t dress tightly or improperly. If you are in a Buddhist shrine or any holy place, a Buddhist robe is most suitable.

The meditating room should be light enough, but not so bright or dim. Avoid the wind that blows straight to your back, if any. A quiet place is most appropriate for meditation.

Your meditation practice should be scheduled every day. If possible, choose any time convenient for you. Don’t meditate when you are full.

Don’t feel proud or let others know you are practicing meditation since it will make you go backward. Do meditate in a place where no one can see you, except when you have to do it with others.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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