The Four Noble truths – Chap 77: The factor of making rich


We need to know how to practice Buddhism so that when we want to give up everything to focus on coming to Enlightenment, we no longer need money. It’s because we refuse to take it, it’s not because we can’t earn money. We feel free to deny money or wealth, not because of our poor condition that we don’t have money. The two matters are different. Practitioners in Buddhism must attain the goal that we are easy to get money, then it means we practice the Eight-Fold Path in a right way. Practicing the Eight-Fold Path, we must do good deeds first, we must spend five years or ten years creating blessings by honest earning. One day, there is a clear sign of plentiful blessings coming to us, then later we can be easy to go deep into meditation-concentration.

We need to know one more thing that Buddhists offer money or food to Sangha whose living depends on Buddhists’ offerings. Therefore, if Buddhists are poor, Sangha will live difficultly, and can’t carry out the great Buddhist works. As a result, Buddhism can’t be developed. If we suppose something different that we want to develop Buddhism, spread Dharma all over, Sangha successfully carry out the great Buddhist works such as opening Buddhist schools, training a lot of monks and nuns as lecturers who can preach doctrines and explain Dharma to people; then Sangha need to have money and means. Having money and means depends on Buddhists’ offering. Thus, only rich Buddhists can meet Sangha’s need. If Buddhists want to be rich, they need to make rich.
That’s why we talk about making rich.

When we practice Right Livelihood, we need to know the factor of making rich is not only for ourselves, but also for the sake of development of Buddhism.

An important point drawn from practice of Right Livelihood is that now we do business to make rich so that we can help develop Buddhism later. We are Buddhists, we are trained as ungreedy people, but we can still make rich when we have a chance. Due to blessings coming to us, we have chances to make rich. This is very logically close to causality.

In the factor of making rich, we need to remember that Right Livelihood is the fifth phase in the Eight-Fold Path. We should get a job to have a good living, a job to create blessings, a job to make rich. This is the three requisitions for practice of Right Livelihood.

Practice of Right Livelihood also requires a harmony in Buddhist community. Our Buddhists should support one another to do business. For instance, when we practice Right Karma, most of time we call our Buddhist fellows for doing charity; so, when we practice Right Livelihood, we should call our fellows for doing business together so that all our Buddhists can make rich and make Buddhism prosperous.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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