The Four Noble truths – Chap 73


Some career creates blessings such as medicals, curing illness is getting blessings; but if people do this job without willing or devoting, they are still committing a sin. Or administrating staff is responsible to serve the people, but they make hard on people instead of helping them, they also commit a sin. Or teachers are supposed to be devoted to teaching but they are not, they are guilty, not get blessings at all. Or police who don’t fulfil their duty and take bribe are guilty, too. American movie named “Training Day” told about a story of police men. A recruit was trained by a professional officer who is appeared to be a corrupt cop. He makes corrupt used of his position to patrol around the city to take bribes from drug dealers. So, the careers seem to be noble, but people do that jobs with heartlessness, they also commit serious sins.

We said that people need a right job to create blessings; however, the basic to create blessings is morality, goodwill, Right View, Right Thought. Morality combined with Right Livelihood is to create blessings. On the other hand, right jobs with immoral minds will create no blessings but commit guilt. Even though a president is voted by his people, he would still be prisoned if he is prosecuted for embezzlement.

The nobler doing is building an orphan institution where orphans are fed and raised. However, if they do that kind of charity without kind-hearted, but taking advantage of people’s compassion and raising fun, they are committing a serious crime. It seems their doing is charitable, it fell out that they hide their evil doing under seeming charitable doing. Some Buddhist schools open to feed Sangha who need to focus on their studying and practice. However, people do that with only aim at taking Buddhists’ donation to keep privately. They don’t take care of the living or studying of monks and nuns at all. This is broken-hearted in life.

The goodness that can happens in life depends on people’s morality, depends on our complete practice of Right View, Right Thought. Whatever job our Buddhists take to earn their living, they should always think about interest of public, think about service to people, to society first. They should not only think about salary too much. If they are devoted to their jobs, they are practicing Right Livelihood. Being Buddhists, we need to balance the amount of time spent on practicing Right Livelihood and taking care of family and doing Buddhist works. We also have time for entertainment and relaxation. Our devoted working eight hours per day is to practice Right Livelihood. This is the balance of time. And we know for sure that in our eight precious hours working, we work hard, well and willingly and that is the time we practice Right Livelihood. It’s the important point.

There is some sensitive case that employers exploit employees, the payment isn’t appropriate to their labor, then their fighting for their right is avoidable.

Complete Right Livelihood is that our means of living is suddenly easier. After devoted working for five years or ten years, we can easily get good job and good payment or successful business that brings us money a lot, then our practice of Right Livelihood has been completely. It’s time we should prepare to practice Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration. If we want to practice perfectly three later Rights, we need to obtain Right Livelihood first.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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