The Four Noble truths – Chap 69: Boundless compassion


Deities are separated into two kinds. One kind is people who accumulated a lot of merits from their good deeds in this earth and they are reborn in heaven when they die. They will enjoy their blessings in heaven until their blessing are gone and they will be reborn in this earth again. Another kind is people who accumulated a lot of good deeds while practiced meditation and came deep into concentration. They will become Bodhisattvas in heaven. Every time we pray to Gods or Deities for their support, it means we pray to those Bodhisattvas. They are in heaven, trying their best to attain Enlightenment. Their spirit is great. Their loving-compassion is boundless.

In heaven, there are many lectures given as much as what happens in this earth. However, the practice there is greater, more serious, more principle, more discipline than what we do here. The activities of Deities are also different from our activities, so we shouldn’t talk more detail about that.

Right Karma of Bodhisattvas is performing their great vow. So, their Right Karma is much more sublime than ours. The Diamond Sutra generally called all Bodhisattvas as the Great Sentient Beings. Beings are meant people like us, but They are great sentient. Actually, They have the great and countless blessings, so They are called Bodhisattvas. Whereas, Avalokitesvasa Bodhisattva and Manjusri Bodhisattva are the great Bodhisattvas who have great loving-compassion to save all beings tirelessly. Their vows are as great as the Buddha’s that can be never talked to ending. It’s because no one is wise enough to understand their boundless love-compassion.

Many Bodhisattvas are practicing while helping and saving beings to accumulate endlessly merits until They become Buddhas. Especially, They never pay attention to how long it takes Them to become Buddhas, because They don’t care about time at all, They only try their best to bring all beings usefulness, time is meaningless to them. When we practice and wish to get Enlightenment as soon as possible in this life, we seem not to have wisdom-bodhi. There is no method of practice that can help us to attain Enlightenment very soon. And we must be aware of it.

With saving beings, Bodhisattvas most of time support us in secret. It’s Their great vow. They help us to have good chance to meet good master and helpful fellows so that we can learn good things from them. They never appear in front of us or show up themselves to us. We need to know that to avoid making mistakes about mediums. Our Buddhists should never believe in rumors that is said Bodhisattvas appearing somewhere.

If our practice seems to be stuck, our mind is not easy, we don’t know for sure where the right way is, we can pray to Avalokitesvasa Bodhisattva that “May Avalokitesvasa Bodhisattva please help me meet a right master, good friends, and right doctrines.” Avalokitesvasa Bodhisattva never appears but secretly makes good chances for us to meet right persons we need.

We have talked about what are Right Karma that we need to do so that we can create blessings in this life and help human beings get Enlightenment together with us. We have talked about many things that seem very small and we never pay attention to, but they are Right Karma such as doing the best to study, training body to get healthy. And Right Karma of Deities and Bodhisattvas have been talked a little, too.

And Right Livelihood will be talked in next chapter.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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