The Four Noble truths – Chap 6: Separated from love


***Suffering from being separated from love

Love contains some more meanings: desire, affection, esteem. Depending on each level of feeling, the strength of love is different from one another.

A feeling of love for pet or for decorative things is not too strong. If the feeling of love is extremely strong, it can cause tremendous suffering to people who are separated from their love. Love between man and woman is considered the strongest love. Love between parents and children is strong, but that can’t compare with the love of husband and wife. The only love that is extremely strong by itself is love of mother. Her children are her blood. When anything bad happens to them, she is the person who becomes the most miserable.

This is the matter that the Buddha said: what we love makes us suffered if we must be separated from it.

Besides, property, position, fame, honor, and glory are what people likely desire to get. But, we are Buddhists, we should keep our minds, and our feelings being still, in order that we won’t suffer when we lose what we love.

Many people highly appreciate glory or money more than their love. They are inconsiderate and may cheat their lovers to get their desire. By nature, love between man and woman is the strongest, however, there are people who are hungry for fame, position or property, they can do anything without regard for their partners to get their craving satisfied.

Generally speaking, everyone has their own way of love, more or less, up to their feeling, their attitude; then they can be loved, be happy, and suffer, as well.

Love for country is strong, too. People always try to protect their countries from invasion. Love for this planet is also a need. People don’t care about it so much. If one day, the end of the world comes, nobody lives, and we must suffer.

For example, in the movie The Star Wars, an evil empire in this galaxy wanted to show off their mass destruction weapon. They fired a huge energy beam to a planet. The planet blew up and all beings were dead. A space ship flew pass by that planet, an astronaut heard beings crying in extreme misery, and he felt their suffering. Thus, if our planet is dead, it must mean the suffering of all human beings.

That is life. So, we should be aware that all of what we love, what makes us feel happy, and what we possess are the root of suffering.


Author: TT. Thich Chan Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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