The Four Noble truths – Chap 57: The goal of Right Karma

the four noble truths chap 57

Right Karma leads us to Nirvana, while non-karma leads us to nowhere. But we kept thinking that non-karma leads us to Nirvana. For this misunderstanding, we do nothing benefit for our people and for life, and we never get Enlightenment. Many people think that practicing Buddhism is going away from life to get Enlightenment. They tend to live a life of isolation and to avoid making all conditioned-causality, they should give up this normal life and only focus on durable practice to come to Nirvana. This is a severely evil thinking.

Today, we talk about Right Karma, we pray to the Three Precious Ones (Triratna) for giving us their support so that we can understand exactly the meaning of Right Karma in Buddha-Dharma. Right Karma is the step in the Eight-Fold Path leading people to Nirvana. And we need to determine that the goal of Right Karma is creating a lot merits that can help us get Enlightenment. No matter what sect we are practicing, we should always get our minds tranquil from our practice. And if we want to get our minds tranquil, we need to create merits a lot to get blessings.

If a person thinks he/she should keep his/her mind peaceful by being no concern themselves with what happens around them, nor with their people, then their thinking is inconsiderate, narrow-minded, and wrong. This way of thinking is easy to see. For instance, if we want our minds to be peaceful, then we should stop thinking. But how can we stop thinking? It’s not to concern with life. This way of deduction is easy to understand; but, unfortunately, it’s completely wrong. The truth of our practice is the complicated way that goes around with support from our Buddha and Bodhisattvas, and our blessings. It’s not something easy to realize.

For example, someone is just rich, and people watch him/her and suppose that he/she is hard working in their business. It’s easy to see or talk, but it’s not true, because there are many elements included. All gift, subtlety, kindness, prestige and blessing from their past life are the elements to bring them success and wealth, it’s not just hard working that can bring people richness. Many people work very hard, but they are never successful. They have failed many times in business, though they have goodwill to try their best to do business. So, everything we can see and come to conclusion very soon makes us get wrong conclusion.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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