The Four Noble truths – Chap 49: Basic factors


Right Speech includes basic factors:

First, we should not use evil speech. It means to not talk evil about other people. Not talking evil means to not insult people and to not abuse people. If we don’t do evil, but talk furiously to other when we get mad, then it’s also evil speech. For example, when a person gets angry with another, she/he threatens that “I’ll kill you”. It’s just a talk but it’s a kind of evil speech, an evil threat. Offending people by calling them animals or ghost is evil speech. All defaming people, talking rudely, and swearing are evil speech. The old people were smart and generous to advise us that “nobody makes fish-hooks from gold. Wise people can’t have a heart to abuse others”.

“Nobody makes fish-hooks from gold” is only an implication, because nobody should use gold to make fish-hooks. Preciousness should not be used for worthlessness. “Wise people” belongs to wisdom, while “can’t have a heart to abuse others” belongs to morality, compassion. Instead of talking evilly or furiously, people should talk to each other with lovely words that are loving-compassion and morality. The old people joined morality with compassion and plus wisdom, they knew that people who have wisdom have compassion and morality. The ancestors were wise to join the beautiful things together in the two sentences only. They had seen the interrelating of wisdom and morality. People who have wisdom must have morality. The two simple sentences contain the wonderful philosophy of living. Thus, if we are wise, we have wisdom, and we never use bad words to defame people.

Second, we should not tell a lie. We should tell the truth, because the truth has its own strength, its own value coming to a good result. It’s normal.

However, in some especial cases, if true words can harm people, it’s better to not tell the truth. Maybe, we know a lot of things, but we should never talk with people all what we know. If we know this person’s shortcomings, we shouldn’t tell that to another person. It’s not good at all. One more important thing is that we shouldn’t talk something true to cause a hatred between this person and that person. Thus, there is something true that shouldn’t be told. Besides this, the truth almost needs to be told.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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