The Four Noble truths – Chap 48: The goal of languages


The goal of languages is to speak up what people think. If intelligent people can’t talk, or write, or sign, or gesture, then they will go mad. They want to talk with others, but they can’t, and that clearly drives them insane. So, the law of universe is fair to give humans intelligence and a method of communication.
We have words to talk with people about our thinking, our feeling. Therefore, the goal of languages is first to present our point of view, our thinking, and to spread a thought.

If we understand a good thought, we should convince and call on people to support that thought. For example, we know very well that Buddhism is great, practice of Buddhism helps us get peaceful, gives people benefit, makes society secured, then we are eventually progressing to attaining Enlightenment, and we go here and there to convince people to practice Buddhism. Thus, in this case, the goal of languages is to spread a thought.

Languages are used to show feelings. If we love someone, we use words to show our heart, our feeling, “I love you”. Or when we get mad, we can say “I don’t agree with the way you talk, you do, you behave. You should say sorry. If not, I keep angry with you.”

Languages are used to set up the communication.

This is the main purpose. When people meet with each other, they greet and call their names as a way of communication. There are many goals in languages, such as presenting a point of view, spreading a thought, showing feeling, setting up a communication. Here, we only talk about the meaning of language in practice of Right Speech in the Eight-Fold Path, since we have the significant goal. In the Eight-Fold Path, Right View, Right Thought, Right Speech and Right Action are purposes to create merits, which lead our practitioners to Right Concentration. When practice of Right Concentration is perfect, the practitioners will attain perfect wisdom of Extinction of Suffering. Extinction of Suffering is the wisdom of Enlightenment.

For our Buddhists, our goal of using languages is to create merits in our practice. This is our determined purpose. What we write and what we speak should always bring benefit to people, create merits for ourselves so that our practice can get progress. This is one of the paths we must go through to come to Right Concentration.

Clearly, going deep into meditation-concentration is not easy at all. It’s the purpose for the whole life of practitioners, with daily watching of every detail of their practice. If we want to attain Right Concentration, we need to do a lot good deeds to create blessings. Every word we talk, every action we do, we should know how to create merits. One day, our minds can be deep in concentration. This is our main and determined purpose.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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