The Four Noble truths – Chap 47: Right Speech – Languages and speech


Right Speech means language that has the great meaning, not only talking. We have speaking, writing, signal, gestures, all of which is called communication.

Language is communication of thinking, through speaking and writing.

Humans have various and plentiful languages, while animals have no language as humans do, though they can still communicate with each other. For instance, a dog’s bark is a way they talk with each other. Sometimes, we think their barks are the same, in fact, they are not. They can distinguish their communication by their bark.

Human’s languages are more complicated. Maybe, it’s because human’s intelligence is developed much higher than that of animals, our languages are various and complicated. Eventually, our languages reach to highly extreme abstract. However, we don’t know for sure if one day, there appears some kinds of “humans” living in other planets or other galaxies, who are so much higher intelligence than we are. Their languages might be too nonfigurative that we can hardly understand.

Talking about trees, flowers, houses is understandable, but talking about love, compassion, wisdom, philosophy, patriotism is only understood by humans, while animals cannot. So, if some day, there are extraterrestrial beings who are smarter than us coming down here in this earth, they might talk about something so nonfigurative that our humans might not understand.

Every people, every ethnic group has their own language. Languages and speech are formed by society, not by genetics. For example, a child of an intelligent scientist is raised in an ethnic group when he just was born, then when he grows up he has no idea about abstract, profound and sublime notion at all. Maybe, he inherits an intelligence gene from his father, he can be the leader of that group, but he doesn’t know much about the civilized world. There were some articles in newspapers telling stories of hunters or surveyors who went to forest and found kids being raised by wolves or monkeys. They took the kids to the civilized society and tried to make them become civilized people. However, they almost failed. Why? Because the kids were grown up in that animal society, their consciousness was formed and set with behavior and languages of animals. They completely have no idea of human’s behavior and languages.

So, languages are formed and set by society as soon as people are born. If we want to build a good behavior, a language, a civilization in a country or in a community, we must train our people to be in the same civilization, in the same behavior, in the same language, in the same culture, so that they can live in the same life and behave in the same way with their people when they grow up.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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