The Four Noble truths – Chap 46: Exterior impact on mind


We shouldn’t think all idea and thinking are ours. Sometimes, those thinking are impacted from outside. That’s why the Buddha very clearly talked about principle of Non-ego. This mind is not mine. This thinking is not mine. The perception group is not mine. The mental formation group is not mine. What the Buddha clearly said is reality.

Sometimes, we have some noble and profound thinking, we don’t know what we thought comes from Bodhisattvas’ thinking that impacts on our mind. The thinking is not our own thinking. Or when we invent something best and newest and we never think that is a support from the Buddha. So, we shouldn’t suppose all our thinking to be our own. When we do something too bad, it’s because the bad soul impacts on our mind that appears evil thinking making us do something bad. If we spend most of time paying deep honor to the Buddha, respecting God, Bodhisattvas and Deities, and consider our self as a dust, then our mind will appear goodness. And it’s time we get the Buddha’s support. On the other hand, if we don’t respect all Saints, look down on humans, but suppose our self to be better than anyone else, then our mind will appear evil and wrong thinking.

All things belong to causes that bear effects. The important thing is that we should do to create good causes that will give us good effects, then we will have the impacts from the Saints rather than be impacted by the souls because of our evil thinking.

The Buddha’s saying is that “Mind is the leader of all Dharma”. Therefore, Right Thought is the preparation for the purely true mind, before we practice the difficult Right Paths later.

We can be reminded that Right Thought completes back to Right View that we have learned. If we learn five lessons and we are thoughtful, we can make them become more ten lessons to increase our Right View. And Right View is the database of which we can think and discover new doctrines. Thus, Right View is supplemented by Right Thought.

Talking about Right Thought is that we talk about our tranquil mind. At first, our mind is like a swamp in which all greed, hatred, and jealousy live. Now, we know Buddha-Dharma, we plant a root of lotus of Dharma into that swamp. Thereby, from that dirty swamp becomes the lotus garden blossoming beautiful lotus.

Our mind is just like a jungle having wild beasts, and Buddha-Dharma gives us a Right Path so that we can lead our mind out of that jungle and go to a peaceful place.

The final wish is that we will completely practice the Eight-Fold Path so as to melt our mind into all Dharma realm in the universe. We have no more ego.

Our mind is like a swamp
So, we clasp our hands
May lotus of Buddha-Dharma
Be planted in it from now

Our mind is like the ocean
Lonely with dim, immense waves
May the boat of Buddha-Dharma
Get it gone along with

Our mind is like jungle
With many wild beasts
May Buddha-Dharma Path
Lead it to peaceful place

May our mind be melted
Into Dharma realm of universe
Becoming boundless loving
We have no more ego.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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