The Four Noble truths – Chap 45: The structure of five aggregates


Thinking and action will go through phases, as following:
First, we think this work should be done.
Second, we try to find a way to do it.
Third, we determine to carry it out.
Fourth, we start carrying it out.

A simple example is that in front of our house, there is a road with a big pothole that causes people to fall in danger. So, we think about fixing it up. It’s the first step. Second, it’s finding where to get soil or dust or concrete, and tools. It’s thinking of what to do. After finding a way, we start carrying it out. This point is important, because when we determine to do and start carrying it out is only a small step.

Everyone can think how to do, while people can find it hard to determine to do. Partly, they’re lazy. Partly, they’re too timid to decide if they should do. The value of people is their determination that makes them accomplish working. It’s difficult to set to work, because it need people to overcome their laziness and timidity. One more thing is that this work might change their daily life.

They must spend money for this work, their relatives are affected because they need to save money for this free-working. Finally, they are afraid that if this work is not good, and it might cause a bad result, and so on … The youth have much enthusiasm to do what they think or want, while the old are too much careful to do anything since they have learned from their bad experience for their whole life.
We should also analyze the structure of psychology in Right Thought.

The structure of Five Aggregates (five groups of clinging) includes corporal, feeling, perception, mental formation, consciousness. People’s mind has the perception group and the mental formation.

The mental formation is the realm of psychology, the intuitive cognition that take a responsibility of thinking, of creating, of seeking, of memorizing. This is all people’s actions and thinking.
However, in people’s actions there appears partly the perception group that help people realize everything around them. It’s just like a computer with its chips working and projecting to the screen where we can see what we are doing.

People’s minds work like that, the perception group shows images and languages that help people recognize what they are thinking. While real thought is complex and interlacing deep in the mental formation group that people can hardly see. Only practitioners who can go deep into concentration can be conscious of the mental formation group. 


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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