The Four Noble truths – Chap 39: Doubt and acceptance are also Right Thought


Doubt and acceptance are also Right Thought.

If it’s said that people who diligently worship the Buddha will be brought to the Buddha’s world when they die. This is reasonable. But, we doubt it. Is it right? And we put an example. We’re rich, having many helpers. Among those helpers, there is one who appeals to us most of time for that “please let me live with you, I’ll take good care for you, I love you so much.” Actually, this person does nothing in the house. While another doesn’t spend time appealing or talking with us, he/she only works hard and takes very good care of their job.

Thus, who we will take to live with us? It’s sure that the person who only works hard, not the person who only appeals. We have wisdom, we only like diligent and righteous people, not flatterers. If we had no wisdom, we would like flatterers.

The Buddha’s wisdom is millions of times higher than us, then who He would choose to take with among His millions of disciples, believers and also monks and nuns?

Buddhists who ask insistently for going to His place and Buddhists who only take good care of Buddhist works, among them who can be chosen by our Buddha?

We should doubt it and put a question, and then come to conclusion.

Thus, if we want to go the Buddha’s place what should we do?

We should take care of His inherit doing and do what He wanted.

And what He wanted is to get all beings enlightened and lead us to Nirvana.

The Buddha talked about matters of doubt many times, especially in Nikaya Sutra, chapter Kalama. He said that “don’t believe anything. You should doubt it and examine all.”

When we did doubt, examined the doctrines, and finally we don’t find any fault with the doctrines, then we can accept them. This acceptance is belief. There is some doctrine that we can highly appreciate only after years of practice, because we couldn’t fully understand it at the first time of practice.

If our Buddhists sincerely worship the Buddha, they have more advantage of practice. All merits are arisen from the first merit of worshipping the Buddha. From this merit, we easily get our mind arisen with good thinking, and get our spirit lightened.

Buddhists should have practiced worshipping the Buddha for continuous years to get a good result. If we only hear about practicing virtue of worshipping the Buddha, which creates our good thinking, then we shouldn’t believe that immediately. We need to practice worshipping the Buddha to see the miracle happening. After we practice this virtue with all our heart of respect our Buddha, then we feel peaceful, and our good thinking arise more and more; so, we should accept that getting much merit from the persistent worshipping the Buddha is the truth.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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