The Four Noble truths – Chap 36: The law of causality


Like that, we also vow to practice the Law of Causality. When we realize the Law of Causality to be the truth, the equality of the universe which our Buddha brought to light, we absolutely believe in the Law of Causality, then we take a vow:

“We vow for our whole life to understand the Law of Causality deeper and deeper to do much good deeds but avoid doing all evil. We take the great vow to spread the principle of the Law of Causality all over the world, so that all human beings know how to create blessings, and how to disapprove of evil. The world will be brought happiness and people’s suffering will be lessened.” The daily vow is Right Thought. And Right Thought will purify our minds, change our life, guide us to right path in this life and countless lives later. It can be also called the Realization of Causality.

When we feel moved with the principle of compassion, then we should vow that: “We take the great vow for this life and countless lives later to love all beings, though they’re poor or rich, they’re noble or mean, they’re humans or animals, they’re in this world or in soul worlds.” If we keep vowing this thinking every day, then our loving for beings is rising in our mind bigger and bigger. This is Right Thought.

There are four elements belonging to Right Thought:
The first is reviewing all doctrines we have learned.
The second is comparing the doctrines with the real life.
The third is arguing the doctrines to see if the doctrines are reasonable and right to the Buddha’s teachings.
The fourth is inscribing our vows on our mind.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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