The Four Noble truths – Chap 35: The matter of mind


Our Buddhists should also be careful with some dogmas that are not right to the Buddha’s teachings, they are only someone’s point of view, they are easily found out shortcomings if they are analyzed in detail.

This is the matters of minds. Thinking about and examining in detail any preaching are necessary to see if it’s logical. The thinking and examining are Right Thought. If they are spoken up or argued, they belong to Right Speech.

The Buddha taught us about compassion-loving that can’t be said by anyone else or by any religion. Compassion-loving for all beings should be given from insects to humans. Is it practical? While we feed fishes, we love the fishes, but they eat larvae. We feed a dog, we love that dog, but that dog bites a chicken. In this matter, we can see that when principle of compassion-loving is applied to life without helping from our deep point of view, then our practitioners can be stuck. We need to know that we love all beings, but many kinds of beings don’t love each other. All kinds of beings don’t love each other, too. This kind of being kills other kinds. This person bullies that person. Thus, how can we do? We are very small in this world, we can’t do anything to force people to love each other, to force them to stop doing evil. We are really heart-broken with this point. And this is the matter we need to think clearly through Right Thought. We must understand in detail doctrines until we can get an answer by our self, then we deeply grasp the doctrines.

The fourth Right Thought is to vow a determined carrying out the doctrines forever. Taking the great vow is Right Thought.

If we worship the Buddha and pray to him that “We vow for our whole life to diligently practice Your teaching. Though we are facing difficulty and calamities or even our life is in risky, our devotion is never fading. Or in luxury life, we always devote our self to keep our mind straight to Your way.” If our vow is repeated every day, then our mind can be changed into better, and even our bad karma will be changed into better and better, too. It’s the vow of Right Effort.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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