The Four Noble truths – Chap 19: The seven stages of Buddhist practitioners


There are some periods in practice called Magic City of each Buddhist.

– The first period is that a practitioner eventually lives a life more comfortable. It’s the first “Magic Town”. This is sure to happen. The first result doesn’t happen in mind, it happens in life.

– The second period is that a practitioner’s morality is stronger, higher. If he/she used to get easily angry, talk bad about others, then now he/she is calmer, humble, and forgiving. If Buddhists have a pure and completely moral life, they can predict the time they die, even though they haven’t attained Enlightenment or had a long process of deep meditation. Their spirit is so strong as if they had supernatural power. It’s the good result. This is a sign of the second “Magic Town”.

Once upon a time, the Mandarin of Court Counsellor Vu Cong Due, who served in the regime Le, had a strong spirit. When Mac Dang Dung usurped the Le throne and asked Due to continue serving his regime, the mandarin refused, hung the seal of court to his neck and jumped into the Than Phu sea to death. When Le restored their regime, the King ordered a seal be cast, but it was never done. Someone reported to the King that Mandarin Due took the seal when he jumped to the sea. The King asked people to dive into the sea looking for the seal. The divers found out Mandarin Due’s corpse sitting in a cross-legged posture in the bottom of the sea and the seal was still hung on his neck. His corpse was burried and he was deified. The seal of the court was used again. His spirit was as strong as a super power.

When something is right or moral which we are steadfast to keep intact, then by nature we get magic merit. The virtue of moral people and men of honor is great, too. Facing wrongs, we can firmly accept poorness or even death to keep right things and morality intact; this naturally creates good karma. This is the second result of true Buddhist practitioners. If Buddhists practice for a long time, and their morality is never increased, it’s sure that they are on a wrong path. Because they practice in a wrong way, they are not moral, and remain selfish and jealous.

– The third period in practice is getting a pure and serene mind. It means that this good result from practice is the Right Mindfulness, the seventh stage in the Eight-fold Path. Although we haven’t come yet in deep meditation-concentration, our mind is still peaceful and clear. Every single second, our mind is always concious of any small thought. Our mind is always in control, keeps pure and serene. It’s the third result in practice Buddhism.

If we can’t purify our mind and instead we stay stuck in our thinking, then we know that our practice hasn’t reached the third result, even though our morality is high.

– The fourth result is to attain deep concentration. All zen masters and Arahants achieve deep concentration. Their minds may last for days or hours in deep concentration.

– The fifth result is to gain wisdom. Practitioners who have wisdom completely understand Dharma and the Law of Causality as well as everything secret in the universe. They can see what’s in people’s mind and other realms. This kind of wisdom is just like Divine Eyes, Divine Ears.

– The sixth result is to gain the supernatural power. The Buddha once talked about supernatural power in Sutra. People who gain the supernatural power can appear at will any place, fly or go without hindrance. They can walk on surface of rivers as they walk on grounds. One person can metamorphose himself into many figures. They can use one hand to shadow the sun.

– The final result is to attain Enlightenment, we are released from the samara. Karma can’t pull us back to the Circle of Birth. We can be reborn at will in any world to save and help people work out their salvation. Enlightenment is so great that no word can describe exactly how it is.

From our great achievement, we make a progress of saving and helping people attain Enlightenment. This work is the better causality. It’s work of Bodhisattvas. They must have sown a lot of good conditioned causality in many lives, and their work hasn’t been simple at all. And now, Bodhi-branch is open up.

After being enlightened, Saints continue to accumulate merit, create more blessing by worshipping the Higher Saints and previous Buddhas, and helping human beings. They have done that for numberless lives in which They have absolutely accumalated Bodhi-virtues. Their process of causality is extremely great.

The seven stages are the seven results of Buddhist practitioners.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha for World

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