The Fairness of Karma – Chap 4: Causality is really fair


It is always that when a seed is sowed, people will get a lot of fruits. Causality is really fair. That is why people should fully understand the Law of cause and effect in order to control every action, every thought, and very word for their whole life.

The best consequence of belief in the Law of a good person is that the person knows how to control oneself, and also how to avoid doing evil deeds, but that person will do good deeds more often than not. It is the first result and benefit of that person. Later on, the person will get blessing of good doing.

We don’t know for sure how much blessing we will get in future; however, we are the true people in the present life, and we are the ones who can control ourselves. Anyone who knows how to control oneself is the good person. So, if we want to be true people, we should know how to control ourselves first. Anyone who doesn’t know how to control oneself is not good person. He is not moral. People who are moral know how to control themselves, anything they do they always consider it carefully, even though they feel like doing it very much. Generally speaking, controlling oneself is a sign of beginning of morals.

The Law of cause and effect can help people know how to control their doing, their saying, and their thinking. If we have wisdom and we understand the Law, we should check what we do or what we love, and we also reason to where our consequences will lead us. It is good consequence of people who understand and believe in the Law. If there are many people in society understand and believe in the Law, and that society must be stable and prosperous. When people understand and believe in the Law, they can’t have a heart to torture each other, but they always want to bring others happiness and safeness.

If we study Dharma sincerely and seriously, then we live up to the Buddha’s saying we will obtain great blessing that is our wisdom; whereas, if we prevent people from studying Dharma, then retribution of foolishness will come to us. It means that everything we do always becomes our cause and effect.

An important point in the Law is justice. The Law is the justice.

It can be said that the beauty of the Law is the justice. At the first time, people may be uncertain when they are told about the Law, because they don’t know for sure whether it is true. How is it proved that “a good turn is never lost”? Even scientists can hardly prove it or know about it at all. Meanwhile, the fact is that bad persons are still rich, while good people are poor, though they believe in Buddhist doctrines. This is a question that makes people doubt it. There are many people believing in the Law, because they know that it is fair.

We can see that some people are not wise enough to know how the Law runs, but they still believe in the Law and accept it. Actually, only saints can see how the Law works, normal people like us can never know it. If people are asked “Why do you accept the Law when it is not proved yet?”, many of them can answer sincerely that “The Law is the justice, we love the justice of the Law; then we accept it, even though we don’t have enough wisdom to know whether it is true. We will live up to the Law and help our children understand the Law and live up to the Law, too.”

Are those people morally? Yes, they are. Only can moral people love the justice. When they love the justice, they believe in the Law. They don’t take any notice of what science has no proved it yet.

Some people may think that “I don’t believe in the Law that is not proved by science”, those people are immorally, because they don’t love the justice. They only base on a reason, and then they don’t accept the Law. When people don’t love the justice how they can be morally, they must do wrong thing at any rate. If they have power, it is certainly that they make use of their power to exploit other people in order to get benefit. If they don’t have power, they are just civilians, and they still think what they can do to take money from others’ pockets. It is economic laws.

A simple answer based on economics for a question “How to earn money?” is that “How to turn others’ money into ours?”. This is real, no one can deny it. Of course, talking is easy, but in fact everything seems not to be simple. Because money is as important as one’s skin and flesh, nobody can easily take it from others’ pockets, unless they are pickpockets.

What should you do if you want to turn others’ money into yours? You must supply people with something that they need or want. This is a fair law of supply and demand.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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