The Fairness of Karma – Chap 39: Conclusion


Everything in our life is ruled by the law of Cause and Effect with no exceptions, so nothing in our life is accidental.

The law of Cause and Effect is extremely subliminal and complicated and no one can fully understand its way, except the Buddha. The more we cultivate, the more we understand it but no one dares to say, “I know all about the law of Cause and Effect.” The law of Cause and Effect dominates different realms differently. We live in human realm, we are under the control of the law of Karma for this realm and if we live in heaven, we will be under the control of the law of Karma for heaven which is very different from the one for human realm. A Bodhisattva who converts beings is also ruled by the law of Karma that ordinary people like us cannot understand but He does not use His psychic powers. A Bodhisattva wants to convert beings has to create a good relationship to them first.

So, we should have a dream that someday all the schools in this world teach the law of Karma to their students to help them have a firm moral foundation. This immense world will become paradise full of happiness because people in there love each other and try to restraint themselves to avoid causing others suffering and only want to bring others happiness. This dream cannot be fulfilled now, so we should have a smaller dream that is all Buddhists have to remind each other to have belief in the law of Karma and teach it to our descendants.

And this way, we can build a heaven in our heart, in our village, and in the area around us.

Today we have discussed some principles of the law of Karma, so that from now on, we know the ways of directing ourselves to desired places. If you want to become good-looking, we must be gentle and love people if you want to become rich, you must spend your money on right things; if you want your merit to increase multiple times, you must give alms with all your heart. We will bring these principles of the law of Karma to everyone and make them have belief in the Triple Jewels and the law of Karma. First of all, we must help our families, our neighbors, our relatives, and our friends… to believe in the Dharma and the law of Karma. If we can accomplish these tasks, this world will become heaven.

The law of Karma contains many things that are very hard to explain but what it brings to us is so wonderful. If we apply it correctly, we will be successful in life and in our cultivation as well.
So, together, we make our society civilized and humane, our Buddhism prosperous.

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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