The Fairness of Karma – Chap 38: How Bodhisattvas Apply The Law Of Karma To Educating Human Beings


Buddhism has different viewpoints from other religions. For example, other religions believe that God is powerful enough to change man’s fate, while Buddhism says that everything is controlled by the law of Cause and Effect and if Bodhisattvas have to use Their supernatural powers, They have to use them in accordance with this law but not use them arbitrarily. It proves Bodhisattvas are very wise because only wise people know how to apply the law of Cause and Effect. This law will direct Their education of humans and tell Them what to do next.

Before doing anything, Bodhisattvas always consider what karma it will create, but not do whatever They wish just because They have psychic powers.

We also understand and believe in the law of Karma but at very low level, so we always make mistakes. Bodhisattvas have an extremely profound understanding of the law of Karma but are still worse than the Buddha. Only the Buddha has supreme enlightenment and perfect understanding of the law of Karma.

The law of Karma is very profound because it is the universe. In the universe, there are so many things that we can’t see, especially fields. The supreme, absolute one is the field of Karma. So, those who are enlightened and understand the law of Karma thoroughly dare not commit mistakes because the law of Karma does not omit even a tiny detail.

In this life, if we don’t believe in the law of Karma, we will only cause harm to others. Because Bodhisattvas clearly know the law of Karma, They only bring benefit to beings. When seeing so who commits sin, Bodhisattvas don’t blame or hate him because They know everything has its cause. So Buddhism teaches us to hate evil things but not hate those who commit evil things, or else you will become evil person someday.

A Bodhisattva must know all about a human being whom He wants to educate. He must know in innumerable eons, this person sowed what seeds in order to have a suitable way of educating him. Not all human beings are the same and not all of them know Buddhism and believe in the law of Karma.

There are seven levels in Buddhism.

The first is knowing Buddhism. This means we have a chance to listen to a Buddhist sermon or to be invited to go to a temple. So, we understand Buddhism, the law of Karma and the purpose of cultivation which is liberation.

The second is having affection for Buddhism. Those who know Buddhism but don’t have affection for It will refuse to cultivate the Dharma. They are blessed to the first level only.

The third is diligently studying the Dharma. Those who reach the second level in Buddhism will want to highly understand Buddhism. At this level, our life, thinking, and inner feeling are very different from ones when we know the ABC of Buddhism.

The fourth is we start to practice Buddhist morality. When we have a thorough understanding of Buddhism, we will try to cultivate the Dharma and live morally. Living morally means we have to consider what karma we will create before we do anything, we must restrain our instincts and try to help others. This is a good progress we have made on our cultivation path.

The fifth is spreading Buddhism. People of the third level who live and think according to morality will have a good effect on others naturally. They start to have a thought of bringing Buddhism to everyone.

The sixth is protecting Buddhism. People of this level will realize Buddhism is the most precious thing in this world which bring so much benefit to this life. However, since the Buddha’s time, Buddhism has always been sabotaged in many sophisticated ways. Because of their private interests, group interests or their own sentiments for their religion, many forces did not acknowledge but also wanted to eradicate Buddhism, causing Buddhism to face serious crises.

Imagine what would happen to this world if Buddhism disappeared. This world would be completely in blackness. Evil people would rule this world. Humans would have only hatred and fighting, hence the world would soon be destroyed. Not wanting this bad thing happens, people of this level always try their best to protect Buddhism. They know that there are many intrigues that aim at Buddhism, so they unite against them.

The seventh is achieving enlightenment. Blessing accumulated from the time of our knowing Buddhism to the time of our protecting Buddhism help us attain one of the saintly fruitions. We start to live a noble life different from the one before but people can’t recognize this because our inner minds have changed but not our appearances. From that time on, who speak ill of us will receive severe retribution and who praise us will earn a great blessing. However, to achieve this level is extremely hard because it requires our outstanding blessing and virtue.

Bodhisattvas want to save and convert beings must help them go through these 7 levels. Depend on each person’s qualifications, a Bodhisattva has a suitable way to help them step by step join Buddhism Going through 7 levels is a hard process, costing a lot of effort, time and money.

Not only do Bodhisattvas think ways to help man know Buddhism and make effort to cultivate the Dharma but also Bodhisattvas take care of man and help them have faith in Buddhism. A challenge, an intrigue of enemies can make man lose their faith in Buddhism, which is a pity. Besides, Bodhisattvas must base on man’s karma but not Their supernatural powers in educating them, so Their education is a very difficult process

Though Bodhisattvas cannot stay with us all the times to guide us, They always keep track of us to correct us in time. We must remember that to achieve enlightenment, we must have an extremely large blessing and this is the reason why Bodhisattvas do not use Their mysterious powers to help human beings become enlightened but help them create blessing on their own.

In addition, we have to cultivate the Dharma by ourselves. We must meditate, chant Sutras, and worship the Buddha on our own but not have others do that. To make humans do it by themselves is very difficult but Bodhisattvas force Themselves to accomplish it.

To help sentient beings, Bodhisattvas must know their casual conditions and characteristics in each of their lives in order to have the most suitable way to help them adopt Buddhism naturally. Bodhisattvas also help sentient beings fix their past karma so that they will become friendly and feel compassionate towards humans and all species. This job is not simple since it requires deep wisdom.

Understanding all difficulties Bodhisattvas are facing in educating humans, we start to have boundless love and reverence for Them. They own the noble qualities that They must cultivate Buddhism in countless lifetimes for them. So, every time we bow in front of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, we must know that how much we have love and reverence for Them is not sufficient.



Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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