The Fairness of Karma – Chap 37: What is the retribution for those who don’t have belief in spirituality?


In reality, through the observation of the movement of galaxies and stars, scientists have discovered that material worlds occupy 10% of the universe and the rest is which is called “dark matter”.

Dark matter is a big big challenge to intellectuals because is it so mysterious. It controls the movement of celestial bodies. As a matter of fact, it is the spiritual world consisting of hell and heavenly realms which were mentioned in Buddhist doctrines thousands of years ago. So, those who deny spirituality lose much because most of this universe is the spiritual world and the retribution for them is that they will be foolish or have mental illness or even have a vegetable existence because their denial of spirituality is the denial of deities, hence they will have thought of despising deities, and as a result they will have bad retribution.

The retribution for enjoying life meaninglessly.

There is a famous saying of patriarch Ba Truong, “a day of not working is a day of not eating.” That means, if there is a day we do nothing beneficial for man, that day is very dangerous because on that day we still have to eat, drink and breathe, that is, we still owe debts to this life. So, in every moment, if we have to say, each of our words must bring benefit to humans, it we have travel somewhere, it must bring benefit to humans. Don’t be silly to spend time and money on tourism and enjoyment of life but on our cultivation and serving others. This is the way of creating big blessing through simple actions.

The retribution of waste. If we waste something, we will lose it. Nowadays, crazy fans are not strange to us. They are willing to stay in line in the sun to see their idol singers or idol actors. They admire their idols with all their heart. The point here is their idols are heroes on screen but are maybe unethical in reality. Our heart and our admiration for those who do not merit them cause us to have the retribution for being insensitive.

So, let admire righteous people. They are world- famous scientists who invented great inventions for humans; they are politicians who dedicated their life to the country; they are true monks whose life is a wonderful exemplar to us. By doing so, we will earn a blessing of having a great soul.

If we badly treat our parents who very much love us, we will be orphaned and lonely in the afterlife. If we are not loyal to our masters, none will teach us in our next life. Descendants of those who are rich but spend their money on wrong things will definitely be poor. You will lose all your money if you use it wrongly. On the contrary, if you use it correctly, your money will create a good karma for you.

Recently, the Sun has given out record heat because it is burning more fiercely. If heat rises to a few degrees each year, not a billion of years but only 10 years from now, life will disappear on this planet because the Sun is getting angry. The main reason is that man has resisted Nature. For example, in cold weather, we keep ourselves in a hot tub and in hot weather, we stay in rooms which were cooled by air conditioners. That is, we consume so much energy of nature.

Therefore, each of us tries to get along well with nature. If it is so hot, we just cool our room a little bit but not much in order not to feel guilty because too much relying on your comforts to resist the weather is unfair with the poor who don’t have comforts like you and have to bear the harsh weather. When we live in harmony with nature, nature will be less fierce.

In this age, there is a problem that makes those who have conscience heart-broken, which is rubbish.

Formerly, only experienced fishermen or sailors could know where in the sea are flows of water, but today everyone can know it because we see rubbish in those flows. So many sea creatures have been died of swallowing plastic bags and wrappings. Our material life makes soil, water and the air dirty.

We unintentionally create bad karma every day. So, we must be mindful to realize potential sin and blessing from high technology and try to build a beautify life which less rely on materials and head to liberation. So if we become successful businessmen, try to produce reusable products. Let be a producer or a business that has a conscience. Blessing or sin is very concrete but not something unfamiliar to us. We must have a thorough understanding of the law of Karma and science and technology to select a way of living in accordance with human civilization, simple and healthy, in order to build a world beautiful and close to nature.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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