The Fairness of Karma – Chap 36: Sin and blessing in this age


Today’s advanced technology gives people the opportunity to make great blessings, but also create bad karma very quickly. The retribution, instead of coming after many eons as usual, it comes just after a few years. Sin/blessing is so serious/huge that time can’t wait.

For example, a factory produces products for the society but it also let its effluent out underground into rivers, contaminating the aquatic environment and killing fish in bulk. According to the law of Karma, the will earn a blessing from the products they create for the society, that is, their wealth, and the retribution for their contaminating rivers and killing fish is that they will definitely go bankrupt. That explains why there are people who are very rich at first but poor later on.

Our forefathers had a saying, “First is to do deforestation, second is to contaminate the aquatic environment,” that means, we cannot be rich by running a business in these two fields. In the old days, if someone wanted to cut down a tree, he had to use a saw and it took him 2 days or 3 to finish this task. So, throughout his life, the number of trees he cut down is not big. So, his retribution for being poor is a very long process and that’s it. However, today with advanced machines, a person can cut down hundreds of trees a day. Man has caused severe damage to Nature, so the retribution for them sooner comes: He becomes rich so fast but cannot prevents himself from bankruptcy. It is not like that you did evil things in a past life then in this life you will be poor, but you will be poor right after a few years when you run out of your blessing. Therefore, sin and blessing in this age are quite different from ones in the past.

Nowadays, if we intelligently apply advanced technology, we will create outstanding blessing, if otherwise, we will commit severe sin. For example, today you don’t have to be a monk or a person of high social position to preach our forefathers’ morals, doctrines of Confucianism, or doctrines of Buddhism, a normal person can post his personal viewpoints on. social networks and if many people like them then his blessing is incredibly large.

If your topics are profound and contain morals and can make others be touched and have belief, even not much, in the law of Karma and they will correct their manners even a little, i.e. they will be less greedy, less aggressive and more compassionate towards others, you have created a huge blessing and thus you will be lucky in the future. Everyone has this chance. A wise and ethical person can share with others his good things and help them be better and this is the way to create a blessing for us.

What retribution for those who make computer games? If they intend to make addictive games, players will spend all their time and energy on games and even worse, killing can happen: a grandchild can kill his grandpa, parents can kill their children in order to satisfy their addiction. So the retribution for game makers is so terrible. In contrast, if the same techniques were applied to create online lessons for foreign languages, mathematics, physics, life skills in 30 minutes for example, then excellent results are waiting for them for sure. So, advanced technology will help us create big big blessing and much serious karma and which one is our choice.

Detergents and cleansers help people’s things be clean but contaminate our environment, so if we can make a product that both satisfies humans’ needs and does not harm the environment, we will create a huge blessing. We can use plant essence instead of traditional detergents, so the waste water can be used to water plants, that is, we don’t destroy life but create life… this technology will save our world and our environment. There are some cleansing products that meet this requirement, we should use them to save this world.

In this age, people are practical, so they don’t have belief in deities, morality and the law of Karma. They believe that whoever is wise will win, whoever is skillful will succeed. In this material world, whoever has absolute faith in the Buddha keeps the spirit of this world because the Buddha is the absolute refuge of peoples spirituality and morality. Those who have the absolute reverence for the Buddha and share it with others, which help them stop their pursuit of material comforts but direct themselves to simple and noble things. This is also a huge blessing.

Those who because of their profit, harm consumers by marinating food in toxic chemicals, causing consumers to easily have cancer, have two bad results:

First is because of poisoning others, they will be condemned to hungry ghost realm, hence will be hungry all the times.

Second is because of making others painful because of diseases, they will be tortured by diseases and their suffering will continue after their death if they have not yet paid off their karmic debts.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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