The Fairness of Karma – Chap 33: What will we receive when we are blessed?


Firstly, our blessing helps us have fortune and good opportunities. Lucky people are those who are blessed, it is not coincidence. For example, when we are unemployed, an acquaintance of ours suggests working with him. He says, “I will care for the capital, and you just care for the business. When you the business on your own, I will let you do it because I have my own business.” You should understand that it is due to your blessing that causes someone to come and help you. It is not due to your talent or somewhat similar.

Or we are unemployed and one day we come to a temple and meet a person who is looking for a person like us to work for them. That means your fortunate to meet this person is due to your blessing but not coincidence.

Your blessing also helps you have wisdom. In this life, there are wise and foolish people. When we can arrange and manage our work well, we will be successful. Our capability of arrangement and management is caused by our blessing. Those who do not have this capability are due to lacking blessing. Blessing creates wisdom and wisdom creates carefulness and vision.

Talent and energy are also created by blessing. For example, you plant special trees in your field many people tell you, “You are so greedy. You have earned enough to live on, but still run another business.” If you feel discouraged and don’t want to try more then you should know you lack blessing. And if although you face many difficulties and obstacles, you keep on trying, then you should know you are blessed. So those who is never tempted to give up but patiently keep going on although having many objections or facing with adversity are greatly blessed; otherwise, they are less blessed.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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