The Fairness of Karma – Chap 30: What will we teach our children?


– We advise them to respect and praise talented people and not to feel jealous of them. If you defame someone who superior to you, in your next life, you will study badly and even be uneducated, illiterate.

– We advise them to be enthusiastic in helping others. If they are teachers, they have to be devoted to teaching their students, but never hide anything and will charge the students for it. Or if they teach somebody a trade, they have to transfer all their knowledge and experience to him and always wish him to be better than themselves. If you can do so, in you next life, you will have great wisdom, even will become a genius.

– We advise them to use their abilities to help others. If someone uses their abilities to help the country and the people, in their next life, these abilities will be ten times greater. On the contrary, if someone has considerable abilities but only care for earning money for themselves, in their next life, these abilities will gradually be buried.

For children, we must direct them to sow these three causes at an early age. We tell our children, “If you have any friends better than you, you should praise them; if you have any friends whose life is difficult, for example, they lack books, pens… you should draw some money from your allowance to help your friends. If their life is more difficult, you that we can help your friend to continue with their schooling. For your teachers, you should respect them because “you have to respect tea me a teacher” otherwise, you will fail to do anything in the future. For our elderly neighbors, you have to show your respect towards them or else nobody respects you when you grow up. Finally, you have to promise the Buddha that after finishing your schooling, you will serve the country and Buddhism, but not try to earn money to become rich.” If you do so, your children will be from average to moderately good, then good because we help them sow correct causes.

Or giving Western medicine to the poor for charity, although we help them be healthy at first, but Western medicine often causes side effects such as resistance decrease, kidney failure, liver failure … So, those who often give Western medicine to others create both good and bad karma, and their health is not better. This is due to not having a correct understanding of the law of Karma.

Or if we give money and rice to poor people but not teach them morals, we harm rather than help them. They don’t love each other, don’t correct their way and don’t try to create blessing but just rely on almsgiving from others, thus, they will be more and more miserable. So when we help someone in material needs, we should help them have morality. That is the real help and we also create a blessing for ourselves.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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