The Fairness of Karma – Chap 27: Characteristics


A Buddhist must have two characteristics:

The first one is to have a thought that this life is temporary and unimportant.
The second one is to have boundless love for all beings.

A true Buddhist must have these two characteristics.

We should assess ourselves if we have these two characteristics.

Do we consider this life temporary or so good, so that we will have greed, hatred, and fights for our interests? We must have the wisdom of the Buddha to see this life temporary, and not worth attaching ourselves to it. It is the first one. The second one is that we must have love for beings.
When we have two things, we will obtain many good results: Because we know this life is temporary, we don’t attach ourselves to it and we have no greed, hatred and fights for anything; because we love beings, we will dedicate our life to serving them. This is a very unique nature of Buddhists: not attaching ourselves to this life and dedicating our life to serving this life.

Normally, if we are not Buddhists, we will either consider this life temporary, so we will not care for others or consider this life real, so we will be enthusiastic and dedicated to it but sometimes feel upset or jealousy…

Buddhists have great compassion for humans and vow to be dedicated to serving this life… so, later on, they will become Saints, who are liberated and have great virtue. This is their karma.

Speaking of spiritual blessing, we see almost Buddhist temples worship the Buddha in meditation posture. He sat in meditation in forty-nine days then became enlightened. The Buddha, after that, taught His disciples how to meditate. So as Buddhists, you have to meditate like the Buddha. When in meditation, you have to keep your mind empty, remove all thoughts of suffering, annoyances, greed, hatred… but only the mind of emptiness, peace, and happiness.

And the empty mind is a mind of happiness and this is the mind of Saints. The mind of ordinary people is always working, feeling insecure but the mind of Saints is completely calm and has no thoughts at all. The Buddha had this mind when in meditation and became enlightened. So, we have to follow the Buddha to meditate to purify our mind and remove all our thoughts, that is, we are going on the path of becoming Saints.

But keeping our mind extremely calm is not easy. To get the blessings of material needs (money, cars, houses…) is hard but the blessing of having the empty mind in meditation is thousands of times more difficult. We are Buddhist and we follow our Buddha’s way, so we need to create blessing that we live comfortably and our mind is calm when sitting in meditation. Who can control mind belongs to saints and will be picked up by saints after death. However, we have to do good deeds, love and bring happiness and peace to humans… so that we will be able to control our mind. When we can control our mind, we are enjoying the happiness of heaven, the Holy realms. This is outstanding result in Buddhism.

We discuss the causes that make us wealthier and happier but it is nothing compared with meditation. Mind stays in tranquility and wisdom is the mind of Saints.

The blessing we earn when helping others is sometimes limited. For example, if we give someone a bag of rice, they can survive for a week or a month; if we help someone to learn a trade, we help them in a life; if we help people believe in the law of Karma, we help them in many lives. In this life, they believe in the law of Karma, so they will do many good deeds and in their next lives, their good seeds still remain and they will find Buddhism and have deeper belief in the law of Karma and their good seeds remain forever. Therefore, if we can blessing in human realm never ends. Therefore, if we can help others believe in the law of Karma, take refuge in the Triple Jewels, we save them in countless lives. And of course, our blessing is infinite.

So, as for Buddhists, we should try to do good deeds, no matter how great they are. Most importantly, we should never miss any chances that help others know the law of Karma and take refuge in the Three Jewels…


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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