The Fairness of Karma – Chap 22: Retribution


The factors that increase our retribution

The first factor is our heart that makes the result we will achieve multiple times greater.

Living in this life, we should have a good heart and this is very significant. Therefore, as of now, when going to temples, we should pray Buddha, “Dear Buddha, please help me to have compassion for all humans.” Perhaps, we are not able to give money to others but please love them. It will be better if we can both help others and feel compassionate towards them. If not, please have love for them. Our results will be very good and our life will always be happy.

The second factor is time that makes the result we will achieve multiple times greater. That is, the longer our It comes, the better it will be. For example, when we plant a soybean tree, we will get about a hundred soybeans. Why do we get few soybeans? – Because the time from planting to harvest is very short, just about three months. If we plant a tamarind tree, after ten years, we will have countless tamarinds because the time to get tamarinds is long. This thing is true in the law of Karma; the longer the result/retribution comes, the better/more terrible it will be.
We will consider this case. Our neighbor was unjustly punished. He did not steal anything but his appearance and behavior were similar to the burglar. Because we know about him clearly, we believe he didn’t commit the burglary. We told the police our thought about him and insisted that there were many times he picked up money and valuable things on the street and he returned them to the owners.

Because we strongly affirmed our neighbor could not be the burglar, the police conduct investigation. The matter went by and we forgot it. The effect to our action does not occur because we are not wrongly punished. We keep on being born and dying life after life. However, in our next twentieth life, we have a serious accident. When we stand for election to the Congress, a group of people tries to defame us to prevent our success in the election. At that time, it is not just our neighbor in a past life but the whole country will stand up for us. That is the effect is multiple times better than our action. The longer the effect occurs, the better it will be. So, we should not rush to enjoy our good results.

Or in a family, the parents died early. The eldest brother does many jobs and works very hard to raise his brothers. When his brothers grow up, the eldest, because of hard working, passes away. His brothers because of that, cannot repay his favor. The law of Karma causes these brothers to meet after ten lives but not one life. Because it is very long time to see each other again, the result for the eldest is so great that his brothers so much love him and take so good care of him. If his brothers repay his favor in the current life, his result is not so good.

The third factor is the outcome of our help that that makes the result we will achieve multiple times greater. That means the better outcome of our help, the better result we will obtain. For example, there are two people who need our help. One person is starving and the other wants to learn a trade. We give each of them the same amount of money, one million VNDs. The first person used this amount of money for food and the second person used this amount for learning a trade.

However, we will obtain two different results for the same amount of money. Why is there a difference here? We help the first person survive in two months so we will be better-off in twenty years. But this blessing cannot be compared with the blessing we earn when we help someone learn a trade because when they have a trade they can bring them up in all his life. Therefore, with the same amount of money, we earn two different blessings. One blessing will ensure our life in twenty years and the other will help us be wealthy, have a good job and win respect from others in many lives.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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