EG-Series: Boundless homage to Buddha

Boundless homage to Buddha – Chapter 12

BOUNDLESS HOMAGE TO BUDDHA – CHAPTER 12   Due to the above rotation, we must pay homage Buddha wholly and completely, and everything else will fall into this cycle. Having said all that, only Buddha can understand other Buddhas. Even Arahats cannot totally understand Buddhas,...
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Boundless homage to Buddha – Chapter 6

BOUNDLESS HOMAGE TO BUDDHA – CHAPTER 6 This is a story happened during Buddha’s time. There was an Anathapindika who offered and served the Three Precious Ones fervently. He always had tremendous reverence for Buddha and did many good deeds. However, due to his bad...
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Boundless homage to Buddha – Chapter 1

BOUNDLESS HOMAGE TO BUDDHA – CHAPTER 1 “Boundless homage to Buddha” is an old topic, but it is very basic and very important. Those, who are going to follow Buddhism, must build up the foundation and understand the basics, especially about paying homage to Buddha....
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