Other things that support Meditation


At a beginning of a meditation session, practitioners have to remind themselves of the three important virtues: to have absolute reverence for Buddha, infinite loving-kindness for all sentient beings, and endless humility. These three reminders help practitioners nurture their virtues and also to create good karma.

Not only when meditating, practitioners should always remind and demand themselves to be moral and righteous in daily life. When there are complicated and difficult situations in life, they have to be mindful and carefully apply Buddha’s teachings in solving those problems correctly to continue to create good deeds and avoid mistakes.

Besides that, practitioners also have to continuously cultivate the 3 Basic Foundations of Meditation, which are Morality, Good Karma, and Qigong (that create a strong Inner Bodily Energy and health for practitioners). Nurturing and promoting those 3 foundations will create a moral, happy, and healthy life – even when ones have not attained any results from Meditation and Sainthood yet. When meditation, those 3 foundations will greatly promote and support the practice.

When it goes to the environment or settings that practitioners meditate, it is not a good idea to solely meditate by themselves. Being in a community with fellow practitioners is more beneficial to the practice in so many ways. Talking in Karma perspective, if ones want to be good at something, teach others! Being in a community or a group gives practitioners many opportunities to teach and help one another in their practices. That will create a good karma that goes back to enhance one’s own meditation. Whenever there are courses for meditation from the reliable place, don’t forget to invite friends and family to join. That will greatly promote the enthusiasm and support for everybody.

When talking with friends about meditation, ones have to explain about meditation in a careful, thorough, and especially, humble manners. Ones should try to avoid giving others the illusion that they have achieved something because it will easily take away one’s good karma and the results in meditation. Thus, always explaining and teaching others about meditation in a humble manner.

Besides that, practitioners must also pay homage to Buddha everyday by kowtowing to Him. When kowtowing to Buddha, ones don’t have to be extremely and strongly emotional. Just the thoughts of paying absolute homage to Him – will create a deed of Absolute Enlightenment that will help practitioners to attain Sainthood later.

Loving-kindness or compassion for all sentient-beings is one of the essential characters of a Buddhist Saint. Disciples of Buddha must always nurture and cultivate their Loving-Kindness for all beings, which will also contribute to the attainment in Sainthood later.

The phase of Right Effort costs practitioners effort and time, but after a certain amount of time, they will eventually move to the Right Mindfulness stage that has a different set of challenges and complexities. So, practitioners need a strong foundation from Right Effort stage so that when getting to the Right Mindfulness, they can overcome many challenges and maintaining the results that they have achieved.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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