Morality – Basic concept


Morality is the foundation for the existence of society. People with morality can make a sustainable connection to one another. With morality, people can trust one another. With trust, people can feel secure to keep their mind on living, studying, striving, hoping, and improving their soul. With trust, people can feel secure to cooperate in order to build a better life.

Being deprived of morality, people only wait to harm each other. Being deprived of morality, people will be afraid of cooperating with each other to build better things . Society will then be ruined.

There are two opposite tendencies inside human being, Good and Evil. Good tendency is to love mankind and animals, and is to want all beings to be happy. Evil tendency is the reverse, only wanting to satisfy itself and to ignore others’ misery.

People already have a few tendencies of Good and Evil at birth, and which are from previous lives. In this life, along with the conditions of environment and education, these tendencies can change. Some get advantageous conditions for Good tendency to develop. Some are unlucky, fall into bad environment, the evil tendency increases, become bad people, and then fall foul of the law.

All of us are responsible for improving the morality of ourselves, so that our presence are the joys, the secure feelings, and the safety of surrounding community. If we do not improve our morality, we will become a burden, a worry, a threat, a danger for the surrounding community.

We cannot say that to improve one’s own morality is his or her individual work. No, improving morality is the responsibility of everyone so that his or her presence will not become a danger to others.

How to improve morality, and what price for morality, will be discussed later.


Source Phat Quang Pagoda

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