Light Shield balloons program


(Author: Vuong Tan Viet, 2014)

Let’s cover the sky with full of reflective balloons.

By using “LIGHT SHIELD” idea, the first time in human history we could finally start controlling the climate of the Earth.

In today’s world, it’s extremely hot, the worst droughts and water scarcity are terrible suffering of our planet. If we don’t have solution to solve that problem, the climate will be hotter than now. Why is the climate very hot? An answer: the radiation from the sun (we also could use “burn” although the sun doesn’t burn. It is just a figure of speech) is stronger than before and radiate powerful heat energy as well. Although the sun appears yellow to us (because of the atmosphere), it has turned from yellow to white. In scientific research, the white light of the sun is the strongest light intensity. The white light goes down acrimoniously in the earth, which makes our planet torrid.

Dropping plants, dried up river bottoms and verdant fields are becoming deserts which is a serious threat we face today. All living things are highly miserable in droughts.

If the sun continues burning strongly, the age of the sun will be shortening (it will be darkened). The sun wouldn’t live longer anymore.

Humans are deeply concerned for finding the solutions to reduce the impact of global warming among the world. There are several ideas to fight against the global warming. For example: Reforestation and reduce CO2 emission, speak up everybody, send them a message of environmental protection.

Fortunately, we’ve got a godsend to our world.

Phat Quang pagoda, our organization would like to introduce a new solution named “LIGHT SHIELD”. Light Shield is kind of balloon that is made from sustainable and reflective material to cover the sky.

That Light Shield balloon has two important parts, “up” and “down”. It means that the half of Light Shield always faces up and is called the top and the other part always faces down and is called the bottom. The top of Light Shield is coated a reflective layer, which allows the lights to pass in only on direction. In other words, Light Shield just takes the lights from the earth (the ground) and gives them back to the universal space. Light Shield doesn’t receive the top lighting that comes straight down onto the earth. Therefore, the sun rays are thwarted then they turn back the space, which decreases the heat-releasing firing our planet.

The manufacture of devices with the reflective coating isn’t difficult for modern technology. Thence, people should produce a lot of Light Shield balloons with the reflective coating onto the top in order to reduce the greenhouse effect. These Light Shield balloons are all connected as the big clouds that can cover sky in square kilometers. Be carefully, the big floating clouds would be put together to form larger clouds so that planes can be easy to notice.

Given these big clouds with the reflective coating, people could direct the climate. Example: If we want the weather to be cooler, we can release more balloons up in the sky. The opposite of that, if we need the climate to be warmer, we can take some balloons down.

Since the development of manufacturing technology will be complete in the future, every balloon may be equipped with a solar battery, a propeller and remote control so people could move it anywhere. Each cloud will be surrounded LEDs, so the aircraft can easily avoid in the night. These led light use solar power.

Basically, making balloon from the reflective material is to simple. It’s the possible plan for human evolution. Human always desire to control the climate and stop natural disasters. They also dream of a time when human life is no longer affected by climate change. However, their dream doesn’t come true. Storms with violent winds, severe droughts and floods have been happening around. If we want to control the weather, we have to control the temperature first. It is accepted that a storm is created when it is supplied heat energy. The sun rays supply the heat energy for the winds after that the winds become cyclone. Therefore, the tropical climate zone usually has storms.

But this is only the beginning…

However, the concept of Light Shield balloons is quietly an initial suggestion. Specialized researches should be conducted by prestigious organizations which turn the idea into reality to cool the Earth surface’s temperature in the nick of time. We hope you could give a hand to spread this idea. If possible, please encourage your friends who work in the field of engineering and manufacturing to join hands together to cooperate jointly on this issue.

That effort is our responsibility, our compassion to the Earth. Additionally, it is a good karma for everyone by helping human kind overcome this misery.

“Sending pray to the sun
Shine your gentle lights
As sweet as mother soul
Dry out tears of sorrow”.



Source Facebook Thiền Tôn Phật Quang


Signing a Petition to Request The White House (USA) to carry out a project to invent “SMART AND CONTROLLABLE REFLECTIVE BALLOONS”.

For this project to receive attention and consideration of the White House, we urgently need 100.000 signatures within 30 days (01/9/2019 – 01/10/2019).

Everyone please sign your name and provide an email address in the link below. Within 48 hours, you will receive an email from The White House to verify your signature one more time.

Please help to share this activity with your family members, relatives, colleagues and friends for this project to be passed as soon as possible.


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