Learning about cancer – Chap 2: The risk of cancer from


Each person has his own blessing, hence his own invisible force. This invisible force regulates the body’s activities and controls the rebellion of organs.

Both inhaled the same poisonous smoke but one had cancer, while the other didn’t. Both ate contaminated foods, but one just vomited and felt dizzy, while the other had cancer, while the other had only pain. Both are aggressive, but one had cancer, while the other didn’t.

The strong invisible force also helps to suppress control, and prevent body part’s rebellion which causes cancer.

Some statistical studies show that exercising regularly helps one reduce the risk of cancer because exercise strengthens the invisible force of the body.

Some herbal remedies also help suppress the rebellion of organs to cure cancer. Radiation therapy uses radiation to destroy cancer cells but also contaminates the body. Radiation is also a cause of cancer. Chemotherapy is the use of toxic chemicals to kill cancer cells but also kills many normal cells, and also causes other organ’s rebellion, causing rapid metastasis.

Scientists have also warned of the risk of cancer from red meat like beef, pork, and lamb, etc.

Red meat contains a sugar called Neu5Gc that the human body itself cannot produce. When people eat red meat, the body will activate the immune system to respond to this sugar, producing antibodies that cause inflammation and ultimately lead to cancer. It is published by American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR).

Chemicals (HCAs and PHAs) in cooked meat are the major reason that meat is associated with cancer. A case-control study from Utah university with rectal cancer case (n=952) and controls (n=1205) found that people who consumed more meat (though cooked) had a higher risk of rectal cancer.

Spiritually, eating beef is more likely to get cancer than other foods. The reason is that the local part of the mind of the piece of beef is too strong that still remains even when the meat is cooked. And when you eat it, the inferior mind wanders in the body. It will argue with and incite other organs to rebel and occupy some organs then rebel against the body.

Usually the local part of the mind of cooked fish/ meat goes away but beef. Its local mind is particularly strong that still survives even when cooked.

Throughout our lives, many times some parts of the body have been mutilated through inflammation, swelling, ulcers, pain, etc., but they then healed. At those levels, medicine doesn’t consider them cancer, but they are actually cancerous in nature. If we make them angrier, they will be rebellious and become cancerous forever.

According to Buddhism, those cases occur when the karma is not bad enough to be cancer, and not good enough to be healthy. Though you have some rebellious body part, you’re still blessed, so you will accidentally eat something that can calm it down or you will see the right doctor. It can rebel at another time, and if your’re still blessed, you can still calm it down. And when you are no longer blessed, nothing can heal it, and you will get cancer.

The same disease often repeats, and we can have a chronic disease. If the disease goes away and then occurs, we won’t pay attention to it, but actually the cause of rebellion hasn’t been resolved yet.
Let analyze the difference between cancer and other diseases. Cancer is more violent and much more challenging to treat. It is told that some tumors separated from they body still jumped wildly on a tray.
We think that it was a natural nervous reaction, in fact, it has their own consciousness. If we consider those tumors animals that attached to the body, we will be frightened.

How to end the rebellion of a body part and put this body part under control?

It’s hard and not hard to treat cancer. It will be hard if we choose the way of fighting against it and it won’t if we choose the way of harmonizing with and persuading it. Cancer is fierce, but gentleness will win fierceness, so we will patiently convince it, and we will be alright.


Authorized by Thích Chân Quang

Source Facebook Buddha Everywhere

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