Human rights of the leaders


Human rights of the authorities

The officials who work in the apparatus of government are humans too. They might be clerks in an office, they might be the prime minister. But they are humans and they need their human rights also. Whenever we talk about human rights, we often imagine the people are oppressed by the government, so we ask for many benefits for the people, implicitly opposing their government. Now, thanks to the human rights activists, many voices have been raised for the innocent citizens. However, if we are the leaders in this democratic and internationally integrated time, we will confront a very big burden of the responsibility. The leaders must take care of everything for the people. If the people do not pay enough tax for the national budget, the leaders cannot  be blamed, but they must contrive to keep the country safe and developed.

If someone is alleged to be corrupt, we have to wait for the judgement from the court, and not hurry to conclude him guilty. Now the leaders must be able to solve millions of things to keep the nation going on safely. Some countries could not bear the crisis and collapse. The problems of a country are not only various but also difficult. Not all governments can handle them well.

We read newspapers and recognize that when something wrong happens, the first thing the people do is to blame their government. Subsequently, after many investigations, it is discovered that the wrong things came from the mistake of some crazy people. In this time of democracy and integration, it seems that the leaders are violating human rights the most. Everyone can scold them, but they seem to keep calm as well as hearing nothing.

There really are some backward officials who take advantage of their positions to do wrong things, to receive bribes, to create their own factions, to be partial towards their family, to bully good talented people…However, the sins of some bad officials are labeled on the whole political system with many foul invectives. The insulters who slander the whole government want to spread the psyche of discontent all over the country.

This is really a secret plot controlled by a subversive group which aims to oppose the present government. It is also a violation of human rights when a secret group wants to rouse the masses to defame and overthrow a government. It is illegal, fallacious, anti-culture, sneaky, cunning, and insulting to personal honor and the whole system.

It is time for the human rights activists to take a second look, and not assume that to protect the human rights is to stand on the people’s side and oppose their government. It is fairer if we can protect the leaders to do their work in taking care of their people, developing their nation, and contributing to the common prosperity of the world.


Source Thien Ton Phat Quang

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