Human rights are also very human Obligations


Human rights are also human obligations

As we have said, human rights cannot come from the air. Since ancient times in history, no one spoke about human rights until the society progressed in law, politics, economics, and ethics. Then, society is pushed towards human rights, and unbidden is pushed to being compelled. The difference is to request and to order. In order to have such a difference, the world must be progressive, and must be qualified in many ways.

If we want to make the people not bully others, we must have a strong system of law, politics, economics, and social ethics. If these things are weak, we must implore the bad people not to bully the others, for humanity’s sake. However, where do the strong systems of law, politics, economics, and social ethics come from? They must come from the contributions of everyone in the nation. The leaders are only the ones who carry out the policies by the people paying taxes, and by congressional approval. Without tax paying, no government can establish a strong society to implement human rights.

Thus, if the humans want to have their human rights, they must together give their hands to build the society first. All of us must together give our hands to build the society to be progressive in many aspects such as culture, law, economics, education, environment, security, medicals, transportation, communication… When the society is progressive, we declare about human rights. If not, we will just be able to say about humanity.

If we assert that humans have the rights to live fully, we must make a rich economy. If we claim that humans have the rights to be healthy, we must set a brilliant medical system. If we declare that humans have the rights to go everywhere they want, we must establish a powerful system of security everywhere too. If we reckon that humans have the rights to show their political opinions, we must create a good culture system that people can say beautiful words in communication, no any dirty words used. If we think that humans have the rights to live safely, we must build a strong judicial system. If we say that humans have the rights to form associations, we must make sure that there will be no any black societies to do illegal and secret things.

Generally, if we want to have any rights, we must build the condition for that rights first. Those rights, those advantages, cannot come freely, cannot get by forcing the others. We have those rights because we deserve to have them. As the example at the beginning of this article, only the person who presents appropriate paper can enter the building. We must present our finished obligations first to receive social advantages. What will be in the case of the juveniles, the old people, the disables who cannot contribute for the society? They cannot have their human rights?

The answer is, the children will borrow from the adults, then they will contribute later. The old people are considered having contributed before so now they can enjoy the advantages of human value. The disables can also contribute  something for the community although not much. In cases the disables who cannot contribute anything, we can only say about humanity for them.


Source Thien Ton Phat Quang

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