Human rights and a person’s contribution


Rights and Merit

Mr. Thái made an orchard to do a tourism business. At the harvest season, this orchard would sell tickets to welcome the tourists for visiting and eating fruit on the premises. Only young Hai could come and go freely without any ticket, just because when Mr. Thái began to make the land for planting trees, the kid Hải came to give a hand with the workers for no salary, just for fun. When the orchard was finished, the kid was granted a right to come and go freely. This right came from his hard work at the beginning. Where there is merit there are rights.

A nation has a special policy of retirement. It provides a good pension and services for the pensioners. It is actually coming from the very high taxes which the people had paid when they worked, that’s all. They can enjoy a special policy of retirement because they have contributed very much before. The nation grants the pensioners the rights of society, economics, culture which are proportional to their previous contributions to the country.

After a hunt, Hesem always shared the meat with the villagers. He also diligently cut wood to build many bridges across the streams around there. He often gave a hand to build houses for his neighbors. When the old chieftain died, everyone nominated Hesem for that position. The more work, the more rights. In this case, Hesem’s contributions covered the life of the whole village so they handed over to him the rights to determine their lives.

On the contrary, he who is lazy and does not contribute to his community, will lose his rights gradually. At the early years, the youth Tư could jostle to sit close to the seniors whenever the village celebrated an annual ritual. But later, no one could see him when the village needed a hand to do some heavy work. Then people didn’t consider him important anymore In the ceremony, he was shouted away when he tried to jostle up to a high rank seating. Without contributing anything you lose your rights.

So, human rights do not drop out of the sky. Everybody must work hard to contribute to society so that the society can establish the human rights. For example, a person was tortured, persecuted, and everyone knew it but could do nothing to help him, because at that time the society was in trouble, lawless, and poor. The bad gangs were so strong. No one could do anything for the oppressed. When everyone gives a hand together to build a strong society and a strict law system, then the facts will be different. If someone bullies another,  there will be a legal force that appears to handle him immediately.

Understanding this, we have to join hands to build a rich and civilized society for the sake of our rights. If we ignore everything, just enjoy ourselves, let the society be unfair, then one day the persecution comes to us, and no one will come to speak about human rights for us. In a bad society, if we are bullied, we can only implore the bad guys for their mercy. If someone wants to help us, they can only call for humanity with the bad guys, they cannot speak about human rights. On the other hand, when the society is rich, civilized, and lawful, we can raise our voice to speak about human rights, that we have the rights to live, the rights to be safe, the rights to have our own dignity, the rights not to be tortured… The bad guys are not afraid of us, but will afraid of the strong society around us.


Source Thien Ton Phat Quang

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