Diabetes trap


We often hear about the fact that many kings in the past did not live a long life. Most of them die at around the age of 50 and were afflicted with diabetes. We are thankful to the development of modern medicine for pointing out blood glucose level ranges. Medical devices have helped humans understand about the relations between our blood reference ranges, health and diseases. In the past, people were not lucky enough to know about this.

More conveniently, humans have produced blood glucose monitoring devices which is handy and can be used at home or anywhere else. It’s thanks to glucose monitors that we can keep an eye on our blood glucose levels every day to adjust our eating habits, not relying on feelings of hunger anymore.

Most of us think that we should eat when we are hungry. As a Zen master said: “…..to eat when being hungry and to sleep when being tired”. However, we are not aware this is just a trap of diabetes.

When we eat, glucose will be carried to cells to generate energy for the body to operate. It is insulin that carries glucose into cells. Pancreas produces insulin.

When we get old, pancreas will get weak and be unable to produce sufficient insulin to carry glucose to cells. This makes glucose retained in blood much more than necessary. When the excessive amount of glucose circulates in the blood, the blood will become toxic and harmful to our body. If we measure the level of blood glucose every day, we will realize the exhaustion of pancreas, the insulin deficiency, the increase of concentrated glucose in the blood and we can immediately adjust our eating habit in the right time.

Few people follow their daily blood glucose levels. Instead, they just rely on the feeling of hunger to decide whether they should eat or not. The deadly point is here. Our body has a bad habit, i.e. it is not really honest. Preferably when the level glucose increases in the blood, the body should have produced a feeling of fullness to warn us on reducing the amount of food to take in. By contrast, our body create a feeling of hunger when the concentration of glucose goes up in the blood. This dangerous trap has been killing countless people on our planet. Whenever feeling hungry, we get something to eat. Such a way of responding to our instinct is completely harmful.

Don’t worry about being hungry, just check the blood glucose level first. This is the wisdom of civilized humans.

Kings in the past or the rich of our modern time always have delicious and nutritious foods available. Once feeling hungry, they eat and immediately fall into the trap of diabetes.


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