An old man


I have just seen an old man in the mirror. He looks familiar to me, but uglier now.

Time goes by and takes everything with it.

Life is a chance for each person to do something good. Even the difficulties also have their own value.

All will eventually leave for unknown places, but they need to know what they have done in their lives were right or wrong.

I remember the young faces of my friends when I first saw them. Now those faces are not that young anymore. The older they become, the more I love them, because I understand they have been going by my side for very long.

I wish all of my friends be blissful this life and forever. I love them so much.


Source BKY

Đạo đức - Số 148: Ăn uống
Đạo đức - Số 149: Ứng xử văn minh